The life of a farmer

Client: Arla Foods
Services: Content Consultancy, Production Strategy
Agency: IPG

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These farmers are extremely busy. They are up before the sun every single day and have 10 - 15 hours work to handle constantly. Time with these people is extremely limited. We developed a structure of the various shoots to enable us to use cross pollinated content, automate, and schedule hundreds of scenes - all limiting the demands on the actual farmers and their cows to a minimum.

Happy cows make better actors. Apparently!

The content capture process started before dawn every time, using the natural light to add cinematic drama to each of our farmers. We used non-talent directors to ease the farmers performance, and linked establishing shots and voice over to reduce the demands on the cast and talent.

We built filming frameworks to enable these to be facilitated by internal resources. This allowed the campaign to scale naturally, as more farmers and farms become available the content is captured and categorised automatically into Arla Barn servers ready for editing. This content can then be used to expand and localise the messaging to support this "farmers first" commitment. 


 Content was edited into 'educational video' for children as well as content for HR, marketing, and trade uses. The shotlist of possible content scaled to support the demands of that farm and its team. 

Content captured included; cinematic Broll, docuseries A roll, interview, and  voiceover content in a single visit. 

We vetted and connected multiple crews around the country, who were able to carry out this shoot, to minimise the impact of travel and "time to farm". 

With every farm the production team mapped their daily travels (cows and farmers), and used this information to support the farmers in crafting their daily routines. Integrating families, activities, and special occasions (births, milk harvesting, & crop cultivations) into the shoot windows. 

Where this influenced the shoot we augmented the crew to suit the new activates - adding drone, interview, and even vets into the production team.

We even had a "cow cam" for some of the shoots! A POV of the life of the cow!

What We did:

  • Content strategy and planning.
  • Production strategy and crew validations
  • Content Post production templating, training and education
  • licensing and release IP
  • Automation in rushes categorisation

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The life of a farmer
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