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Client: Magnet Kitchens
Services: Content Consultancy, Content Strategy, Production Strategy, VideoSEO
Agency: Powerhouse

Content discovery, strategy, & generation,
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The campaign needed to position Magnet as a brand dedicated to sustainable practices, social responsibility, and positive living impacts.

Inspiring consumers to make mindful choices and encouraging a collective effort towards a better future. Working within a defined creative and production window of required a more strategic approach to content planning, creative direction, and production strategy.

Building longevity for production assets, by creating 'digital twins' of all branded assets. We were able to create dual shooting environments across virtual & physical spaces. We built hybrid crews with dual digital and physical functions.

Our approach was comprehensive in strategy, creative, and pre-production phases.

Focusing on reducing the number of physical productions and consolidating the needs of all department's and agency stakeholders into a single production strategy.


We emphasised digital collaboration, working with CGI previsualisation to minimise physical resource usage, and prioritising sustainable practices in every aspect of production, from set construction to logistics - catering to wardrobe selection.

We embraced innovative production techniques, like Virtual Production, to enhance efficiency and minimise environmental impact.

Ultimately, the Mindful World campaign is a testament to a brands commitment to sustainability, efficiency, and the power of collaborative innovation. It resulted in a vast digital asset library that supports a wide range of content needs, from TV commercials to social media, ecommerce to print, ensuring that the campaign's message resonates across all platforms and supports Magnet's vision for a more mindful and sustainable future.

What We did:

Powerhouse and Magnet won an Ideal Home Sustainability Award and a UK Content Award in 2023 for the attributable 'production and sustainability results' employed across this campaign. 

  • Created thousands of reusable, cross platform assets
  • Developed virtual and physical mirrors of production environments
  • Created B2B and trade installer content alongside ATL and digital content
  • Won multiple awards for creativity and sustainability
  • Defined highly targeted niche campaigns from the evergreen assets commissioned
  • Worked at a 100% carbon neutral content marketing level. Using AdGreen and AdNetZero.

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