There’s a story behind every glass

Client: Majestic Wines
Services: Content Consultancy, Content Strategy, Production Strategy
Agency: Powerhouse

Creative Strategy
& ideation, across linear and digital touchpoints

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Content Strategy
Campaign Planning
Creative Direction


The campaign required a rock solid creative strategy, a highly targeted geographic media plan, and a great set of creative ideas - that could speak to a range of demographics throughout the festive period, and lean into evergreen adaptation in 2024. 

The creative idea needed to stand alongside their competitor landscape (Retailers and Subscription services) as well as deliver a narrative and message that would have lasting meaning.

The Campaign we pitch was "There's a story behind every glass" - pushing the narrative that an event, olfactory memory, or visual connection is the most thoughtful gift of all.

This campaign was commissioned to the production partner Powerhouse and delivered end to end in approximately 9 weeks. This campaign relied on creating a story, campaign, and rich bed of multi channel assets to support the brand teams, marketing teams, and incumbent agencies in delivering this messaging. 


We employed deep creative strategy, crafting key emotional arches (across all content durations) and expanded the landscape of the campaign to relate to static and owned content "mini-campaign's" in 2024. 

We developed flexible pre-visualised storyboards, animatics, and timing plans to limit the production windows, and reduce unnecessary carbon emissions. 

The campaign featured crossover messaging channels across digital, linear, print, and instore POS - with aspects and connective stories being directly discovered. 

"There's a story behind every glass" became the key narrative message for the national Majestic Wines season, with individual stores adapting to their own personal adaptations of this message to engage more closely with regular consumers. 

What We did:

  • Created content strategy to support creative development and creative strategy.
  • Generated a highly targeted creative strategy focusing on multi channel distribution.
  • Created "evergreen" creative ideation alongside the campaign to support longer lasting content adaptation.
  • Creative branched narrative throughout pre-production to leverage digital distribution.
  • Worked to a tight 9 week window from RFP to Adstream submission.

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There’s a story behind every glass
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