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What's visual content testing?

Content testing or creative testing, is a data-driven process designed to predict how well your creative idea, campaign, or advertising run will perform against your chosen platforms or personas.

We've supported 1000's of creative campaigns, 'always on' strategies, and developed countless hours of advertising and marketing content. And at the end of every single campaign we address results. We look at performance, and we discuss our learnings. 

With the support of synthetic and hybrid consumer testing data pools, and the access to better 3D and AI pre-visualisation tools, we're able to integrate pre-emptive artificial testing phases into campaigns before we progress to production. 

This level of content enables creatives and strategists to align directly on messaging and visual expectations before we commit to expensive production and media phases. 

Creative Testing works 

across multiple visual mediums:

  • TVC - Linear & VOD

  • Social Media Video

  • Social Media Feed

  • SERPS Rich Snippets

  • Online Display Ads

  • Programmatic Ads

  • Direct Mail

  • OOH and POS

  • E-commerce

  • VO & Music

  • Cinema / Public Video

    Iterate & optimise throughout the content development lifecycle.

    Whether you’re exploring initial creative ideas, reviewing competition, developing storyboard concepts, fine-tuning visualisations, or confirming commercial compliance prior to distribution - effective content testing enables brands, agencies, and production studios to commit visual content to market with more than speculation and opinion. 

    We've supported brands and agencies in integrating these physical (and synthetic) toolsets into their creative and production pipelines.

    Creative campaigns should not be guesswork, and organic content is more than algorithmic ranking factors. 


    Test your creative narrative against your target audience, competition, or digital footprint. Testing in pre-viz or storyboard phase is perfect for getting immediate understanding of the potential of your creative.


    Align your digital and social strategies to include testing phases (pre and post production), using data to iterate longtail campaigns and produce better ROI on 'always on' SEO content streams.


    Test and evaluate your creative narrative against your proposed media plan. Define the strength of your Linear and VOD submissions against physical and synthetic consumer pools.

    Static / OOH

    Evaluate and refine your static / photographic media, such as print, out of home and point of sale visuals - testing composition, messaging, and geographic demographic factors. 

    We're applying multiple testing phases...

    Selecting the right testing methodology is the cornerstone of creative testing success. We have several key approaches to consider, such as:

    We're applying testing profiles that align across several platforms / channels. Therefore, our testing potential can expend to platform specific data points. Where available we're connecting the visual components with known platform specificities, as well as creating rounded test bed for multi phased iteration testing. 

    With our synthetic data toolkits we can test against competitor, and keyword clusters as well as semantic and emotional and contextual insights. 

    Apply automation
    to testing phases

    Adding these testing protocols to the deployment and distribution phases of your content stream, ensure that all content is being continually evaluated - and competition is under review.

    Continuous improvement and deployment (CI / CD) is the key to applying Creative testing at scale. 

    Testing pools and even synthetic data points need refreshing and reconstituting every once in a while, and connecting these across multiple touchpoints, data sets, and privacy collectives - requires special attention to ensure we achieve cross - channel attributable ROI. 


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