The future of marketing ecosystems.

How is GenAI reshaping the content marketing landscape?

As we enter the commercial world of AI augmented content generation - how can we take advantage of it?

It's like we've hit the fast-forward button. We're zooming into a future where AI isn't just "cool new tech" for the IT guys to chat about, or LinkedIn News to fawn over — it's becoming a core part of our working toolkit. Its a part of our KPI's, and an 'in demand' skillset for any CV.

AI: The game-changer,
we never knew we needed?

By 2035, AI could boost productivity by a whopping 40%. The UK goverment has described AI as a critical component of their 'pro-innovation' economic plans. That's not just impressive; it's a game-changing, and it's not just about crunching numbers, writing, or creating images & videos quicker...

With responsible generative AI integration, we're seeing a seismic shift in how we approach both 'marketing mix modelling' and 'big idea' marketing.

AI's ability to augment the boring stuff, and generate creative content at such a rapid pace is turning the tables on traditional marketing, agency, & creative content strategies.

We're not just faster... We're leaner too.

Martech & AI: A match made in MMM heaven

Diving into the world of martech, we're at this cross roads; where technology meets automated marketing strategy.

There is no doubt that AI features heavily on the agenda in every boardroom strategy session - for many reasons. But, as marketers (not coders or techies) how can you understand and properly take advantage of true marketing automation? 

Imagine having a bunch of execs, insights, analytics, and campaign metrics - all joined together handling data aggregation, analytics, and automation - and all working in unison - 24 hours a day.

The result? Imagine only having to write briefs once. Imagine campaigns that are not only more focused and more efficient, but also expertly targeted and more sustainable in their distribution modelling. 

Gone are the days when relying on multiple agencies for data collection and interpretation was the norm. 

Some of these functions are available through customised marketing AI Agents - that are handling the comms between multiple apps, platforms, channels, and agencies to aggregate and iterate this data in realtime.

We love MMM here - This integration might just be the key to mastering attribution in Multi-Touch Marketing Models (MMMs), marking a new era of marketing intelligence and efficiency.

AI’s cumulative ABC's:

Following the bigger boys

80% of blue chip CMO's believe almost any marketing decision can be automated.

We’re seeing AI drive everything from lead generation and qualification, creative branching, and task and process automation to supporting innovation aspirations & sustainability efforts.

It's not just about being on the cutting edge; it's about being flexible enough to evolving how we approach marketing activity at its core. 

We're building supportive frameworks for brands, agencies, and production teams who are looking to level up their approach to scaling visual content.

Brands we work with

The future is not a linear process

Diving into AI isn't a set-it-and-forget-it deal. And investing in processes, software's, and technologies is not a finite mission.

With any DevOps, it requires CI & CD pipelines. It needs evaluation and evolutionary R&D, analysis, strategy, and iteration.

The only immutable truth is that AI evolution is inevitable. Marketing teams should invest in frameworks with the expectation of change. 

The tech's evolving at breakneck speeds, new opportunities will reveal themselves as we progress. But starting the journey to build more agile and mailable automation pipelines will help to make steps more manageable. 

'Getting started' with AI
in your marketing activity

AI's impact on marketing isn't coming soon;
It's 2024, it's already here

As generative AI models become bigger, it's inevitable that environmental impact is going to influence how we train future models.

How can small agencies integrate AI into their working pipeline without risking personality?

What does "VideoAI" actually mean? What's the landscape for videoAI companies in 2024?

It works in a similar way to diffusion, but instead of making a single full image - it creates the content in multiple phases.

Salesforce & McKinsey say that 86% Marketers expect GenAI will be in their commercial activities this year.

How will GenAI influence visual creative marketing content, processes, & activities in 2024?

The future of videoSEO is undoubtedly going to be shaped by AI in both analysis and optimisation.

In this article we'll delve into where the Virtual Production industry will develop in 2024.

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How is GenAI reshaping the content marketing landscape?
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